God's Will Vs. Our Bullshit

Since 1998 God has graciously and mercilessly allowed yours truly to lead 15,000 of our sisters and brothers in this movement for freedom, justice and liberation. Being deeply grateful and honored for the opportunity to serve, there is great concern.

Unfortunately the majority of the people are blind but yet many are in illusionary research mode. For example, when any of our national, regional, state or district leaders ask others to join the movement as supporting members, the response most often comes back, "Oh, I need to do more research and look into it more."

The question is, "Who the hell made the entire populas of black folk a band of researchers?" Not one of 125 billion people who ever lived on this planet has ever researched oxygen before using it.

Not one spook, jungle bunny or darky executed research on their parents before they were born. And certainly none us have ever completed research on how not to have our attitude or defecation smell up a church or bathroom. Who the hell are we to tell God, our ancestors and future generations "Oh, I need to do more research and look into it more."

God has never conducted research on anything or anyone. Our Ancestors didn't have time nor the energy to devote to extensive and thorough intellectual masterbation. And future generations obviously are not in a position to do so, especially when it come to this movement for freedom, justice and liberation.

Black people nor anyone else were never given any options for life from our creator. God never asked our opinion on any matters regarding our life before we received life. Frankly, God can give a rats rectum region what we think on any subject matter. God never asked you if you wanted to be black or otherwise. God never asked us where we would like to be born or even when we'd like to be born.

God has never asked us how long we wanted to live. This message is for any stupid fake pastor and/or slow, stupid and dimwitted people down at any church. God does not care what you think. He never has and He never will.

God only cares about us. And that is sufficient. Black people, darkies, spooks, negros, African-Americans and niggas this movement represents the impatience of God when it comes to our collective church excrement, our nonprofit defecation, our collective community-killing flatulence and our unholy, unrighteous and demonic faecal matter.

If you just must do research, research how we can glorify God more. Research how we can set our people free. Research how we can unselfishly deliver our people from hundreds of years of degradation and tyranny.

Research, if you just must on how to provide the way to salvation for a blind and lost population. Where was our research last year on now president "Bull Conald Drump"? All kind of pun intended.

This Movement is about God, our ancestors and future generations. So stop with the bullshit.

Unapologetically yours,

Dr. Michael Carter, Sr.
Servant Founder & National President
Black Wall Street USA

Facebook: BlackWallStreetUSA