Black Wall Street North Carolina, 7th and Heal Charlotte Join Forces

As a result of the police shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott and the subsequent rioting and protests in Charlotte, North Carolina, 7THSEAL ORG and Black Wall Street North Carolina in association with Greg Jackson of Heal Charlotte a Charlotte Community Coalition has been called to make change by way of training with Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Dept.

Thank you for volunteering to assist us in training our officers in how to better interact with the community.

The officers are going to be newly formed group called the “Constructive Conversation Teams.” These officers are assigned to positions all around the department, but when needed, can be deployed to hot spots, community events, meetings, etc in order to engage with the public around a conflict or controversial issue.

The role of the conversation teams is two-fold. First, we want officers to be able to listen to community members, truly listen to them. This means that they may have to withstand some verbal abuse while they are establishing their position as listener.

Officers should be resilient and not easily offended by people’s words. Secondly, they must be able to convey to the citizen that they are listening – actively listening and trying to connect with the person talking.

The second role is community education. There is a lot of misinformation about police work out there, and we want to combat that with facts. The CCT members will be prepped with a lot of information that will help them answer the questions.

This includes information about our policies, training, statistics about our interactions, as well as answers to the ‘why’ questions. It is our hope that through listening, we may also be able to break through and help people understand us just a little bit more. It is important to note that listening is our priority. Education is secondary.


Malik Malachi Ali
State Director
Black Wall Street North Carolina
(704) 615-6168

Facebook: BlackWallStreetUSA