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Black Wall Street USA opens Mid-West Regional Office
Thursday, November 3, 2011 23:33:33

CHICAGO � The Black Wall Street USA national team in Oakland was excited this week when Mark S. Allen, Chief of Staff to National Chairman/President Rev. Michael Carter, Sr., started moving in full time into a new Black Wall Street Street USA Midwest Regional office. The new digs are located at at 4655 South King Drive, Suite 203 in Chicago.

The new regional office will serve as the Black Wall Street Street USA National Development & Direct Action office and the Elzie Higginbottom Resource Empowerment Center. The Center will be available to all of the 16 Black Wall Street Districts in the Midwest region.

The Midwest region sixteen Black Wall Street Districts include Chicago's, 43rd Street, 47th Street, 51st Street, 69th Street, East 69th Street, East 71st Street, East 75th Street A, East 75th Street B, 79th Street East, 79th Street West, 87th Street, Madison Street, Stony Island, Peoria, IL and Gary, Indiana. Black Wall Street Street USA credits Mr. Ron Carter, Former Chairman of Black Wall Street Chicago with the positive expansion of the Midwest region.

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And Allen also thanked the new Black Wall Street Chicago leaders for asking him to return to the organization as Interim Chairman and Angela Williams as Interim Executive Director for their "new leadership-new direction" campaign !!

Commenting on the new Midwest office, National President, Rev. Michael Carter, Sr. Said "We are pleased with the positive and right Spirit of the transition and new development center and Midwest office."

The Midwest region consist of nine states, they include: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin. There are six US regions to Black Wall Street USA, the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, South, Southwest and Northwest.

Allen said, "Thank you those who participated in the "Give A Damn-Give A Dollar" Campaign that helped make this full time access possible."

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The new office will assist all district leaders and members with establishing the Right Spirit in each district. It involves removing self and replacing it with the Spirit of God and of Tulsa, OK. This first step is a deal breaker. Each Midwest district leader and individual district board of directors must be in the Right Spirit.

The Midwest national staff will help districts establish a board of directors. All district directors, officers and members must be paid members of the national organization. Each district Business and merchant organizer will be assisted in the creation of bylaws and articles of incorporation using the template provided by Black Wall Street District USA.

For latest news about registrations and the 3rd Annual 2012 Black Wall Street USA National Convention visit www.BlackWallStreet.org.