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Illinois Fathers 3rd annual Faltherless Day Rally
Saturday, April 30, 2011 20:50:42

PEORIA - Illinois Fathers (www.illinoisfathers.org) will be holding its 3rd annual Faltherless Day Rally at the State Capitol Building in Springfield, IL. This years rally is held in memory of and support for the Steven Watkins Bill.

The bill, HB1604, is a parental visitation interference bill and Illinois Fathers are hoping to have the shared parenting bill passed Illinois Fathers wishes to name in honor of NBA star Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat. Illinois Fathers encourages everyone to come out and support them on May 10, 2011 at 9:30 at the State Capitol Building on the corner of 2nd and Capitol Ave.

There will have at least 300+ motorcycle bike rider leaving Hall's Harley Davidson in North Springfield, IL and parading down to the Capitol by police escort in support of this bill in memory of slain biker, Steven Watkins.

Illinois Fathers, a non-profit organization, is determined to foster improved relationships between the traditional non-custodial parent and their children by creating community support programs designed to maintain a meaningful and substantial relationship between them and to educate the general public about the importance of said relationship.

With over 80% of African American children born out of wedlock today, nowhere else is the need more important for kids today to grow up with both parents in their life while fostering a positive, healthy relationship with their children.

Strong families breed strong communities. Strong communities make strong businesses and corporations. Strong business makes for strong cities which in turn makes strong states and thus a strong country.

The community may help support Illinois Fathers to educate parents, communities and youth to grow to understand that "Children Need Both Parents". Our community depends on it. Our children depend on us. Our culture and history rely on us.

Go to www.illinoisfathers.org and learn how you can help.

Illinois Fathers is a state-wide affiliate of ACF (American Coalition of Fathers and Children), General Parker, Vice-President, Illinois Fathers, P.O. Box 3026, Peoria, IL 61612-3026, (309) 648-2962 general.parker@illinoisfathers.org