Rev. Michael Carter, Sr. Selects Ed Dillard for President of Black Wall Street Merchants Association

OAKLAND- In a surprise move the Black Wall Street Merchants Association ( has selected Ed Dillard as their new President. Dillard is currently President and Chairman of the board for the Oakland Black Board of Trade and Commerce (OBBTC) a successful lobbying group for Bay Area African American contractors and businesses .

As President, Dillard will preside at all meetings of the Association. It shall be the duty of the President to appoint the necessary chairperson of each Committee to embrace respectively the following activities: Leads-Attendance, Membership-Classification and Social-Acquaintance.

Also, as the President Dillard may at any time appoint Special Committees that may be essential to the Association; provided however, that such Committees shall not be authorized to assume any duty or exert any authority delegated to the Board of Directors.

Dillard said in response to his new post, "I am excited to be working with a group of merchants with vision and purpose." I'm simply overwhelmed with joy and the all the possibilities it will bring to The Black Wall Street Merchants Association and the Black Wall Street District In Oakland." Dillard said.

Commenting on the appointment Rev. Michael Carter, Sr., Board Chairman of the Black Wall Street Merchants Association said of Dillard" His experience and community involvement is an added bonus for the merchant group ." Carter said " Dillard has a strong track record for securing contracts for African American contractors and businesses."