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Middle and High school students can get a college scholarships
Scholarships of $500 to $2,500

by Eddie Dillard

The "Save Me a Spot in College" contest will award $50,000 in scholarships for the best student-created advertisement- written word, poster-style or for television that answer the question: Why should California leaders save you and your peers a spot in college?

The contest is sponsored by the non-profit organization Campaign for College Opportunity. In the 1960's California leaders promised that every student that was eligible to go to college could get the funding necessary to attend institutions of higher learning. That promise is a risk as the population of college bound students has increased substantially.

The "Save me a Sport in College" contest gives middle school and high school students who will be directly affected by the projected shortage of spots in our higher education system a chance to be heard.

The contest submissions will be used to inform California residents, media and policy makers about the need to provide college opportunities.

The deadline is March 15, 2006. Register for the contest at www. collegecampaign.org/contest.

Entrants 12 years or younger must call (800) 459-9586. Everyone who enters the contest will receive a college information guidebook, a certificate of participation and a mystery prize in addition to being entered into the raffle for one of ten $500 scholarship prizes.

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