Black Wall Street and Black Owned Beauty Supply Association Connect The Black Dots

By Glenda McComb, MB

The Black Wall Street Merchants Association ( in Oakland and the Black Owned Beauty Supply Association (BOBSA) ( join forces as members to co-promote the Re-circulate Black Dollars Campaign and to grow more black businesses nationally.

In the spirit of Black Wall Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Durham, North Carolina; Oaklands Black Wall Street Merchants Association is taking a twenty-first century approach to advocating for more black businesses and recirculating black dollars. BWSMA is partnering with black businesses, associations, and individuals nationally to promote its mission and goals. There is still power in numbers!

BWSMA and BOBSA is a great partnership since both organizations mission and goals are to grow more black businesses and to promote the re-circulation of black dollars through connecting the black dots. BWSMA is committed to making its resources available to BOBSA as an organization and to its members. BWSMA has the capability to conduct national e-mail marketing campaigns through our database of several hundred thousand, opt-in participants and regional campaigns in California and other states.

The Oakland Black Wall Street Districts website: receives over one million hits monthly; therefore, BOBSAs website linked to ours and our being linked to BOBSAs website will attract more business and recognition for both organizations.

The Black Wall Street Merchants Association is a not-for-profit enterprise that serves as an advocate for commerce in the African American and culturally diverse community, that promotes ethics, and that seeks to preserve the economic growth, social and ethnic vitality of the community. Since its founding in 1999, it has served as an effective business and social networking organization.

The Black Wall Street District is comprised of churches, organizations, and businesses from 50th Avenue to 109th Avenue bound by International Boulevard in Oakland, California. The District has sixteen barbershops and eleven beauty salons located on International Boulevard.

For more information on the Black Wall Street Merchants Association, please go to our website:

"Black Wall Street Merchants Association and BOBSA Are Connecting the Black Dots."

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