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BWS Home Buying Seminar will help qualify future home owners

Our aim is to keep home buying information readily avilable to the community

Monday, August 23, 2004 - 09:50:40 AM PST
Author: Staff Writer - Section: Local News

Oakland — The Black Wall Street Merchants Association (www.blackwallstreet.org) and McKnight Realty & Loans are holding a two hour home buying seminar on Saturday, September 25 to help low-and moderate-income families learn how to repair or build credit and qualify to purchase a home in East Oakland.

Seminar presenter Traci Ann McKnight, and CEO McKnight Realty & Loans will provide other ownership opportunities for working families with loan processing and financing assistance.

“The Black Wall Street Merchants aim is to keep home buying information readily avilable to the community and what it takes to qualify to secure financing”, said Nemon Wade, BWS seminar director. The seminar will cover the process of new home ownership and savings. Establishing and repairing credit status and much more.

"We want to destroy the myth of the up hill battle of renters eventually owning a home," Wade said. "The renters mantality must be replaced with free information and the expectation that if you can pay rent you can pay a mortgage."

The workshop starts at 1pm at the East Oakland Deliverance Center, 73rd Avenue @ International. Admission is Free but seating is limited . To register or for more information go to www.blackwallstreet.org. Contact seminar@blackwallstreet.org.


McKnight Realty & Loans (www.McKnightRealty.net) provides programs and services that includes the process of new home ownership. Savings plans, financing and financial strategies services. Other services include establishing and repairing credit status.

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