Volume 2, Issue 34
A Positive, Informative and Credible Publication
November 9 - 15, 2005
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Black Wall Street District hold Healthy Oakland event

By Globe Staff

OAKLAND--Black Wall Street District (www. blackwallstreet.org) in Oakland will hosted the Healthy Oakland Health Fair at the East Oakland Deliverance Center 7425 International Boulevard @ 73rd Street in Oakland last Saturday, November 5.

"Millions of employed Americans are uninsured and unable to get medical care. Forty-one percent of uninsured adults are unable to see a doctor when needed due to cost, fifty-six percent of adults without health care coverage say they do not have a personal doctor or healthier provider and twenty percent say their health is fair or poor" stated Glenda McComb, Executive Director for Black Wall Street Merchants Association and Deputy Director of Healthy Oakland.

Healthy Oakland is a 501 (c) 3, nonprofit organization founded to decrease violence and health disparities in Oakland and Alameda County. Healthy Oakland accomplishes this by collaborating with other community conscious organizations, churches, businesses, and individuals.

The Health Fair will featured music, free food, health screenings, children's games, health booths social services booths, vendors. Healthy Oakland Jr. Entrepreneurs, Medicare Part D information for seniors, chair massages, African American 5 A day (fresh fruits & vegetables) .

Michael Carter, Chairman of the Black Wall Street Merchants Associations said "We are the wealthiest country in this part of the universe but can't provide quality health care for responsible working humans." He said "According to U.S. Health Department figures only 38% of working African Americans have quality health care." He said "It's plain and simple...we owe it to those who are less fortunate."

For more information or to sign up for booth space Contact: Eddie Dillard at (510) 706-9005/edillard@blackwallstreet.org or Glenda McComb at (510) 472-3343/gmccomb@blackwallstreet.org or log onto www.BlackWallStreet.org.


Black Wall Street Merchants Association
The Black Wall Street Merchants Association is a not-for profit enterprise that serves as an advocate for commerce in the African American community, that promotes ethics, and that seeks to preserve the economic growth, social and cultural vitality of the community. Since its founding in 1999, it has served as an effective business and social networking organization. It seeks to establish and maintain good working relations with African American, Churches, organizations and businesses from 50th Avenue to 109th Avenue Bound by International Boulevard In Oakland.

The BWS Merchants Association's Work Plan is based on service and advocacy. Ensure member's investment is returned in direct services that promote, market, and support the districts and individual businesses. Advocate effectively for the implementation of the policies essential to the continued revitalization. Press & Media Team bwsd@blackwallstreet.org, www. blackwallstreet.org

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