and The InterServe Network Join Forces

Monday, January 24, 2005 23:45:02
By: Ben Johnson

InterServe Networks (a subsidiary of City Lights Software, Inc. announced today, it's newest member to the InterServe Network; The Black Wall Street Merchants Association (

The Black Wall Street Merchants Association (BWS) of Oakland, California, is a not-for profit enterprise that serves as an advocate for commerce in the Black community. Founded in 1999, it has served as an effective Bay Area business and social networking organization. BWS seeks to establish and maintain good working relations with African American, Churches, organizations and businesses from 50th Avenue to 109th Avenue Bound by International Boulevard In Oakland.

Activities include Church events, networking luncheons, social events, business expos and publication of a monthly newsletter. Black Wall Street Merchants Association's, membership is open to all and benefits include participation in a network that promotes trustworthy professional relations; opportunities to pursue additional sales, leads and referrals; and the Net based venue to meet others and promote your business online.

Jim Neusom, Executive Director of InterServe Networks and publisher of the City Lights Reporter ( stated that Black Wall Street epitomizes everything that our online community is about.

He went on to say; that it is our corporate goal at InterServe to assist African Americans and people of color in the achievement of social and economic equality on the Net. BSW has a proven history of doing just that for it's merchants and members in Oakland.

This collaboration between Black Wall Street and InterServe Networks is a win-win proposition for all. InterServe will be providing regular content on issues of importance to the merchants of BSW, and in turn BSW will promote the City Lights Reporter and City Lights fine line of afrocentric products. Together, InterServe and BSW will be able to revitalize and promote the spirit of community reinvestment and self-empowerment, made famous by the community of Tulsa Okalahoma, the original Black Wall Street (see

By joining the InterServe Network of online websites and newsgroups, Black Wall Street will now be able to promote the services of it's members to over 200 Net based entities and connect with the international Black online Diaspora.

For more information about the Black Wall Street Merchants Association, you can contact Ben Johnson at