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Black Wall Street USA and Black Wall Street Mississippi applaud Tony A. Reimonenq Jr, and wife Elizabeth, and their three sons for the recent aqusition of a 20-unit strip mall in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The property is nesseled in the Oak Grove community. The plan is to transform the strip mall into a spiritual likeness of the Historic Greenwood District, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.





The family-owned firm Reimonenq & Co LLC. brokered the million-dollar deal which is unheard of in the state of Mississippi. The Greenwood Plaza is one of two major commercial independent expansions for Reimonenq & Co LLC. CEO, Reimonenq Jr. said, “I’ve always had a heart to help others succeed, but to do that I first had to succeed, I’ve dreamed of having a location from which others like myself can work and draw inspiration from the Tulsa Historic Greenwood District.”



“I want to empower the people at the bottom of the pyramid who just need an opportunity,” he stated. “They aren’t lazy. They work hard but just haven’t learned how to win yet. I know how and want to link up with them to be a part of helping to not only change the trajectory of their lives and the lives of their families but of our communities as a whole. I see it as a civic duty.”


In response to this awesome news, Shirley Henderson, senior vice national administrator for Black Wall Street USA said, "This aquisition effort exibits a committed and genuine spirit of selflessness and clear vision. It is so encoraging to see our ansestors paid true homage with developments like Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Black Wall Street Sacramento, Black Wall Street Bridgeport, New Black Wall Street Marketplace and Black Wall Street Hampton Love Joy in Georgia."










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The LEETA Academy, the Lifeline Financial Freedom Solutions and the POP Movement are just a few of many effective initiatives coming out of Black Wall Street Mississippi. Whether initiatives are spiritual, economic or social, something special is happening in the state of Mississippi. Black Wall Street Mississippi has maintained a full and active state board since 2015.










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