Black Wall Street USA Announces SmartCell for Africa

Black Wall Street USA has announced the establishment of its SmartCell Phones for Africa program. The program was initiated with 20 business leaders during a recent visit by Dr. Michael Carter, Sr. to Benin. Dr. Carter visited five Gold Coast nations in mid January. Stops included Ghana, Benin, Togo and Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Dr. Carter, said, "We are pleased with the great response from top business members of Black Wall Street Global for their quick response to donate used smart phones..with no cracked screens"

By the middle of March 2017, there will be strategic cell phone drop boxes in Black Wall Street Districts all over the USA. From the Black Wall Street USA Northwest region to Black Wall Street Miami and from Black Wall Street San Diego to Black Wall Street New Jersey.

So far, from one email over 300 phones have been collected. The donated phones that are being sent to eight Gold Coast countries need to have removable Subscribers Identity Module (SIM) cards to function. Of the 300 donated just over half has the SIM card. The more aged phones will be donated to rural businesses, farmers and fisher industry personnel.

Dr. Carter said, "How can we be empowering if we are not connecting our people." SmartCell for Africa drop box locations will be announced on February 27th.

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