Black Wall Street Nigeria New President Appointed by Dr. Carter

LAGOS, NIGERIA - Black Wall Street USA National Administrator, Benjamin Johnson, announced the appointment of Mr. Chukwudike Benson Abraham as the new president of Black Wall Street Nigeria.

Abraham has been a spiritual member of the movement since 2012, when the first, now defunct team was installed in April of 2012.

Dr. Michael Carter, Sr., Founder & National President of Black Wall Street USA, said "We are so grateful to have a stand-up humanitarian lead the 589 Nigerian official members who support our movement there."

The Black Wall Street USA national executive board "2012 Review of The Homeland " revealed an increasing interest in both the history of Black Wall Street Tulsa and the US Black Wall Street USA Movement.

Dr. Frank Weston, Black Wall Street USA African General Counsel covers the blessed territory from Algeria to Zimbabwe.

Weston has been successfully removing barriers and increasing Black American and African business partnerships.

The new president of Black Wall Street Nigeria will govern a board of 30 from all regions of this country of 140 million people. Abraham is a businessman and entrepreneur. He serves as CEO of Pan Zamalek Nig Ltd, with interest in Import and export of goods and services.

Abraham represents several International Companies in Nigeria, mainly firms that are interested to expand their business interest in Nigeria and Africa. He's also shown to have good relations with the Government of the Republic of Nigeria including both the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment, Ministry of Agriculture and others.

Dr. Carter reported to the Black Wall Street USA global executive board in November that Abraham enjoys good relationships with International agencies based in Nigeria such as USAID (United States Agency for International Development), DFID (Department for International Developmen), World Bank, IMF (International Monetary Fund), UNDP (United Nations Development Programme ) just to name a few

In mid January, Dr. Carter, Sr., Will embark on his bi-annual tour of Africa. This trip will include the "Gold Coast" region covering eight African states. Stops include Accra, Ghana, Porto Novo, Benin, Lome, Togo and Freetown, Sierra Leone,

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