The Black community must first understand who they are and who's they are before they will ever understand the vastness of their economic and human potential and their responsibility over the stewardship of their time, talent and treasure. The discovery and understanding of one's purpose is the prerequisite to success and obtaining prosperity. There is no institution better suited to the discovery, understanding and stewardship of one's God-given purpose than the church.

You must first determine the purpose of a thing before you can determine its destination. For example, you can prepare to drive a car to get from New York to London all you want, but you'll never get there because a car was not purposed nor designed to cross the ocean. Crossing the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean requires either a boat or a plane designed specifically for a long transoceanic trip.

Financial plans like many marriages fail before they even get started because people fail to discover and understand their purpose before they get underway and start making decisions about who they're going to spend the rest of their lives with or what financial direction their lives will take. If you don't understand the purpose of a thing you are likely to abuse it. So, we often find ourselves mired in emotionally or even physically abusive relationships and equally abusive financial circumstances all because we made decisions without first having made the basic discovery and understanding of our purpose.



Purpose serves as a filter to run every decision of life through whether financial or relational. The central question always should be, will this decision serve to move me closer or further away from fulfilling God's purpose for my life? You can never know the answer if you first don't know or understand your purpose.

Only after purpose is determined, is it then truly effective to venture into the deep well of financial planning that includes the dynamics of career and job ambitions, cash flow, risk management, debt management, savings, and wealth creation by way of investing and through business ownership.

The Prosperity Pyramid as a financial education tool to address systemically the creation of prosperity in peoples lives in an orderly and biblically focused fashion. This tool and the concepts taught by it can be easily conveyed and the financial knowledge transferred from person to person and from group to group almost effortlessly.


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