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Black Wall Street Oklahoma

Black Wall Street Oklahoma

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Raheemah Raheem
State Director
Black Wall Street Oklahoma
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Dr. Andrew Cheesten Jackson

Christened the most able Negro surgeon in America by the founders of the Mayo Clinic

Dr. Jackson lived on what was one of the most exclusive blocks in all of Greenwood. His neighbors included Booker T. Washington High School principal E.W. Woods, Tulsa Star publisher A.J. Smitherman and physician R.T. Bridgewater.

J.B. Stradford

The Stradford Hotel at 301 N. Greenwood was his crowned jewel.

The structure housed fifty-four "modern livings rooms," a gambling hall, dining room, saloon and pool hall. Jazz from the Stradford Hotel and the Commodore Cotton Club across the street filled Greenwood residents with the joy of the freedom to dance and play without repercussions.


Buck Colbert Franklin

The Great & Legendary Legal Mind

B. C. Franklin, Esq. (1879-1960) led an extraordinary life; from his youth in what was then Indian Territory to his practice of law in 20th-century Tulsa, he was witness to changes in politics, law and race relations which transformed the south-west.

Ottowa W. Gurley

The Visionary

When Gurley arrived in 1906, the two worked in tandem building up Greenwood. Like Gurley, Stradford focused on real estate, building rentals units. The crown jewel of his portfolio was the Stradford Hotel on 301 N. Greenwood, at the time, the largest Black owned hotel in America with 54 suites, a gambling hall, dining room, saloon and a pool hall.

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4417 North Peoria Avenue
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